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Journal of General Management



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The mission of the Journal of General Management is to provide ‘thought leadership’ by publishing articles on managerial practices with organization-wide or cross-functional implications. JGM seeks original theoretical and practical insights into general management in all types of organizations.

We are global in orientation and welcome submissions rooted in empirical research or novel business solutions in all fields related to general management including (but not restricted to):

  • strategy
  • leadership
  • corporate governance
  • international business
  • decision-making
  • change management and
  • corporate social responsibility

The journal also publishes articles written from a functional perspective such as finance, marketing or supply chain management, provided these demonstrate links to cross-functional and general management topics. We aim to increase the relevance of developments in individual disciplines for general managers. The Journal of General Management seeks to advance knowledge as to the multi-disciplinary nature of management and fulfill three objectives:

  1. To help top managers understand the salient economic, social, political and technological issues that affect the success of their organization, and their abilities to act;
  2. To keep senior executives up-to-date with new developments in the theory and practice of general management;
  3. To foster new thinking, research, and the exchange of experience between academics and policy-makers across the world.


Prof. Stephen A. W. Drew, Executive Editor, Lutgert College of Business, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA

Prof. Teck Yong Eng, Managing Editor, University of Southampton, UK

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Journal ISSN: 0306-3070