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Henley Manager Update - Braybrooke


The Braybrooke Press has an online digital archive of 20 years of the Henley Manager Update (HMU).  This title was founded by Prof. Keith MacMillan in 1988, and HMU ran until 2008, being edited in later years by Prof. Kevin Money and Prof. Roger Mills.  

It was a quarterly journal conceived of as a slim, time-saving guide to those practitioner managers, business school teachers or researchers interested in keeping abreast of the latest research developments across key areas of management science.  As the journal's title indicated, in made particular use of the general management expertise at Henley Business School, University of Reading - although other scholars' summaries were also published from time to time.

Unlike typical academic journals, contributions to HMU were by the editor's invitation only, and were selected so that each issue gave an overview of the general field of management science, subdivided into its core fields: Marketing, HRM, Strategy, Accounting and Finance.  


Over the years 20 years of HMU's publication history, it gathered together a significant corpus of learned articles on Marketing, HRM, Strategy, Accounting and Finance, written by some of the leading professors at the Henley Business School and a few other institutions.  It was carefully edited so as to present content in an accessible, journalistic style, and represents not only a highly original conception for a business journal, but a valuable record of developments in management thought over the last few decades.


Online and combined subscribers to the Journal of General Management have full complimentary access to HMU's article archive.