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About the Braybrooke Press

The Braybrooke Press was set up by the late Prof. Keith MacMillan to publish specialised academic journals - the company had two concerns until 2008, publication of the Journal of General Management (JGM) and also the Henley Manager Update (HMU). Since 2008 JGM has been the Press's sole publication, although the company continues to make an archive of past issues of HMU available to researchers.

The aim of the business is to offer a high quality service to the academic community, both as journal readers and as contributors, and to provide a platform for innovation and reflection. We at the Braybrooke Press are proud of the long history of JGM, proud of the long-standing good relationships within the scholarly and publishing communities that make our work possible, and proud of the significant contributions to knowledge that have been made over the past 40 years in print.

Who we are

Prof. Keith MacMillan ran the company until his death in 2003 as a vehicle for the two academic business journals he founded. Since 2003 his wife, Geraldine MacMillan, and son, Alex MacMillan, have assumed the running of the organisation.

Mrs Sylvie Bedouelle Cross joined the Braybrooke Press in 2013 as Sales Manager.

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