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Reviewer Guidelines


Content and Objectives

JGM runs a double blind peer review system for selecting articles. Reviewers are asked to assist the Journal's Senior Editor in this process by selecting the best possible scholarship for publication.  There are two main aims which the reviewer is asked to keep in mind:

First, he or she is asked to help enrich the discipline of management science by selecting research of the highest quality around the world's universities and business schools.

Second, to help scholars gain the recognition which excellent work merits by giving constructive feedback so that articles present research in a way that is clear and thorough.


Technical Details

Reviewers are asked not to make proofing corrections or comments directly on a Word document that is sent to them.  This is because such comments may not be preserved during the exchange of files and the administration of the double blind review process.  

Instead, reviews need to be written up on one of JGM's editable PDF documents and emailed to the Publisher's Editor, Dr James Cross, at  If a reviewer has technical difficulty in using one of these PDF forms, review comments can be submitted in a Word document and will be transcribed for the editorial team and the authors.

Having filled out the review form, reviewers are also asked to make a clear recommendation to the Editor as to whether the article should be rejected, published, or amended, and reviewers are also asked to award the article a star rating.  The star rating scheme follows the commonly accepted standard adopted by the Association of Business Schools.