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Guidelines for Authors

Thank you for your interest in being published in JGM.

We take great care to develop and select leading research papers from around the world, and to turn them into articles produced to the highest quality standards in the scholarly publishing industry. Please help us by checking the relevance of your work to the mission of the journal (see the relevant pages on JGM's Mission statement), and by following the admissions guidelines below.

JGM is a journal of cross-functional research. It publishes thoroughly-researched articles on all areas of management science. Quantitative, qualitative and conceptual papers are all accepted. Authors are advised to show awareness of the mission of JGM in their paper, to refrain from technical terms that exclude the general manager, and to position their manuscript so as to be in keeping with JGM's unique slant.

We expect our authors to abide by ethical standards of academia: work must be original, not published elsewhere in the same format, and manuscripts must be fully referenced. We only accept manuscripts in English. If relevant, authors must state clearly in what way their research has already been made public.  Authors are responsible for ensuring that their work meets scholarly standards of referencing, and that full acknowledgement is given to sources.

Articles are to be submitted referenced in the Harvard style.  For queries relating to the referencing system, authors are advised to consult an external site such as Anglia Ruskin University's webpages.

Tables and figures should all be numbered consecutively and attached as separate files in a commonly recognised file format (tif, eps, jpg, etc.). Note that if the figures in your manuscript have been embedded in a Word file, Word automatically compresses the image files, leading to a loss of quality which cannot necessarily be corrected. Therefore send the Press the original graphics files.


The places where these items are to appear should be clearly indicated in the text of the submitted manuscript (e.g. with the note "Insert Table 1 around here"). For printing purposes, tables and figures need to be of good quality.  If authors require items to be professionally redrafted by the Press this can be done at a later stage, provided the manuscript is accepted for publication.




Tables should be supplied in word processor format, preferably in the Word tables format, which will enable editing prior to typesetting. If tables are supplied as graphics, authors are asked to resupply in simple Word tables format. If necessary, Excel tables are also acceptable.

For the administration of the double-blind peer review, articles need to provide details of all contributing authors in such a way as to allow these details to be removed and placed in a separate file. Authors submitting PDFs of their research should therefore include their biographical details in a separate PDF file to the manuscript file.  Authors should be aware that i) not all submitted articles will be accepted for review, and ii) the review process takes up to 3 months to complete, after which authors will receive notice in the form of two completed reviews and the Senior Editor's decision on their manuscript.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, as Word or PDF attachments, in an email addressed to (for the attention of the Publishing Editor).